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VTST manufacturers conventional, sealed type, indoor / outdoor type, 3 Phase, 50 Hz, oil immersed, ONAN / ONAF / OFWF cooled, step up / step down, multi winding with Al / Cu conductor, Continuous duty transformers from 15 KVA to 20 MVA, 33 / 66 KVA Class and Dry Type Transformers up to 1000 KVA, 11 KV Class.
Standard Accessories includes:
Rating and Diagram Plate.
Earthing Terminals 2 Nos
Lifting Lugs 2 Nos
Oil Level Indicator
Drain cum Bottom filter valve with plug
Air release plug
Oil conservator with drain plug
Dehydrating Silica Gel Breather
Cooling Radiators
HV Terminal – Outdoor Bushings
LV Terminal – Outdoor Bushings
Optional Fittings:
Cable End Boxes
Uni-Directional Flat Threaded Rollers
Buchholz Relay
Explosion Vent
Dial Thermo Meter with Contacts
Jacking Lugs for 500 KVA and above
Marshalling Box
Thermometer Pocket
Magnetic Oil Level Gauge
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